February 2021

Take Care Out There: Trails

Did you know that hiking off trail can lead to trampled vegetation, harmed ecosystems and soil erosion? Taking care of Central Oregon’s trails is in everyone’s best interest. Executive Director of the Deschutes Trails Coalition, Danielle MacBain, talks to us about trail etiquette and how to be prepared before your adventure begins.

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Take Care Out There: Litter

Toni Toreno, local photographer and owner of Bend Photo Tours is here to talk about litter. Everyone knows that litter isn’t pretty, but more importantly, it’s dangerous!  Human trash can dramatically change and harm the ecosystems that we are visiting. To keep our wild places beautiful, a little effort from all of us can go a long way.

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Take Care Out There: Respect

In this video Dan McGarigle, owner of Pine Mountain Sports, talks about the importance of practicing respect on our Public Lands. From sharing trails with others to appreciating wildlife from a distance, being welcoming and respectful to those who we share our outdoor spaces with is vital. If we all work together, we can build an inclusive outdoor space where everyone is safe and welcome.

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