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China Hat Cleaup Efforts

Earlier this summer, an anonymous local donor reached out to Discover Your Forest to organize a cleanup effort in the China Hat Road area of the Deschutes National Forest. The donor contributed more than $10,000 as a recurring investment for volunteer cleanups in the region. In just one work day, the group was able to remove 18,000 lbs. of trash, scrap metal and waste. Information on how to join the next project is included in the article below.

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Take Care Out There: Accessibility

Oregon Adaptive Sports board member Bruce Creager is here to remind us all of the importance of accessibility to our Public Lands. While many of us feel at home and welcomed into outdoor spaces, many others do not. In this video, Bruce shares ideas for both big and small ways that we can all promote accessibility and provide a more welcoming environment to those with abilities that might be different from our own.

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Take Care Out There: Dispersed Camping

Zavier Borja – Program Coordinator for Vámonos Outside and newly elected member of the Bend Park & Recreation District board is here to discuss Dispersed Camping. If you’ve ever tried to plan a last minute camping trip during the busy season, you know that having a backup plan is a good idea. From fire prevention to best practices, there’s a lot to take into consideration when finding the right location for your overnight outdoor getaway.

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Take Care Out There: Search and Rescue

Getting out in the backcountry is one of the most unique and beautiful ways to experience the awe of National Forests.  With increasing numbers of visitors exploring these remote areas, safety and preparedness are more important than ever.  Allison Hartz, Board Member from the Central Oregon Avalanche Center, shares in this video ways to stay safe, avoid injury and prevent the need for search and rescue efforts.

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